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September 18, 2023


As we may all know, ensuring that we follow traffic laws and making sure we don’t increase our demerit points is something we all try to maintain. Whether that be from the most minor traffic offences, to first time traffic offenders and then to the most dangerous offences – we all know that the laws are put into place to safeguard and promote road safety. To ensure we keep our licences and remain drivers on the road, we make sure we do everything to ensure that we do not get issued any more demerit points that may affect our right to drive on the roads.

However, it was announced that the misfortunate happened when more than 1800 Queensland drivers were wrongfully issued with double demerit points for seat-belt related offences. Transport Minister made a formal apology to confirm that the double demerit points were wrongfully issued and those found with traffic offences were to only have 2 demerit points deducted. Out of those 2500 citizens who received this error for their seatbelt offence, it was found that some drivers had their licences suspended and others were required to serve a good behavior bond when they shouldn’t have to. This misfortunate part on behalf of the Department of Transport of Main Roads, has left the Transport Minister, Mark Bailey really angry and had to make a formal apology and took ownership of their Departments mistake.

Minister has confirmed they will be doing everything they can to work with those impacted by the Departments error and has also sought legal advice on how to re-issue those who got their licence suspended as a result of this error. Although, we have not heard much from the public or those affected by this error, it can be said that there will be whole heap of them going back to the Department on this issue for resolution on removing this from their traffic history or regaining back there points. As mentioned earlier, we all know how it feels when we are being caught up with these traffic offences and have to pay the consequence for it.
The next following weeks, we shall see a roll out on how the Queensland Transport Minister is going to respond to all these enquiries and points of resolutions for those affected.

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